Oral Hygiene Glossary

Going to the dentist can seem overwhelming for some, especially if your dentist recommends specific treatments or if you have a unique dental condition. At Euclid Smiles, we want to make going to the dentist in Mt. Prospect as easy and comfortable as possible. We are always here to answer any question you have and provide you with helpful tips and information pertinent to your dental care. As such, we are happy to provide you with reputable oral hygiene resources, such as the American Dental Association (ADA).

The following oral health glossary provides you with information and resources about various issues related to you and your family’s oral health care. Select from the category listing or choose from the alphabetical listing to find a specific topic. If you have questions about a certain topic, condition, or treatment, please call us!

Please Note: The ADA does not provide specific answers to individual questions about dental problems, conditions, diagnoses, treatments, or proposed treatments, fees, or requests for research.

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